Monday, August 11, 2008

Dwarf Hamsters Love

[from Cute Overload]

I used to breed Roborovski dwarf hamsters. I love waking every morning to see these little furballs cuddled up together in a moshpit just like the picture below.

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Anonymous said...

Cute. I used to work in a pet shop and we sold these. They are much preittier than the big furry ones that just sleep all the time.

Yogamum said...

Aw, soooo cute!

darkorpheus said...

Rhinoa - I prefer them to the larger ones too. Have you seen the hamster pups when they just opened their eyes? They are barely the size of a peanut, and you can put 5 of those hamster pups on your palm and they have plenty of room to run.

Yogamum - Aren't they? I can never get tired of watching the hamsters in the petshops.

Ana S. said...

Awww. Too cute.

purplefugue said...

Eeekkk....this is too cute!