Wednesday, August 13, 2008

To Build a Body Like Dara Torres

I just googled Dara Torres's training routine and the intensity of it scared me. (Yes, I know she's an Olympic medallist. It's supposed to be intense. But still!)

To look like her (with those killer abs!) I have to do lots of crunches, core strengthening exercises, cable rotations - did I mention lots of core exercises? And pull-ups?! (Torres add 15 pounds weights to each ankle for her pull-ups!)

When I started looking at her routine more closely, I noticed there isn't much work with the weight-machines. Dara Torres's body has been trained to work more efficiently and the result is a leaner but more powerful body. She is in fact 12 pounds leaner than she was in 2000.

Her trainer set her on a series of exercises that combine elements of calisthenics, plyometrics, and yoga. (Hah! Yoga!) It is programmed to work a variety of muscles groups at once, usually starting with the core. (I'm beginning to see why my yoga teacher loves core-work so much. She's onto something.)

I'm psyching myself right now. Let this be the goal:

I'm going swimming this weekend. Really.


Doc Martian said...

mmmmm. she looks yummy.

i want to show you another chapter of my book that i'm working on. Its silly. Concerns vegetarianism.

please lemme know what you think, while i'm confident in my work, sometimes i like to poll friends and see what their opinions are.

Quiz Wiz, dat be teh stupid name of dat trivia game I was trying to remember earlier. It had like 30 different cartridges about tings dat you don't give a rats ass about. Like Jeopardy for 1970s 2nd graders. While I didn't play that a lot. It wasn't as cool as microvision or football ii. It did make the time pass on the car trip so it wasn't, Let's go to McDonalds an' I gotta go to the baffroom an can we stop an see the dinosaurs and how fast are you goin dad is teh car goin to break down again an shit. Yes, my parents bribed us to stfu. It worked too. Although sometimes my mom want us to like sing smokey teh bear with her or some stupid shit. that probly so our brains no die from all teh books an video games and mad libs an such. smokey teh bear, smokey teh bear, fartin' an a poopin' an a sniffin' teh air, he can make some doo-doo before he eat a steak. dat why dey call him smokey an dat how he got his name. I tink maybe mom do dat to torture my dad cuz he usta work for the forest service an so did his dad an so he had to hear dat shit like all teh time. My mom has a cruel streak sometime, but then that cruel streak probly rubbd off cuz man can i fuck assholez up when dey start fucking wit me. So deh everything fly by an den we up near teh forest an it smell like pine and dad start worryin' cuz teh lil' dodge dart pulling teh 16 foot trailer on teh windy road an he be like extra shut up or i slap y00 cept he no haf to cuz we good kids. so we get dere an out come teh ice chest full of teh coca cola an teh beer an teh shasta (i haf dis one fren name shasta an she say her name indian for cheap soda) i like teh shasta blackberry soda. an so dere we are an we got to balance teh trailer so it no tip over when we jump up an down on teh bed an set out teh lawn chairs an get a mess of pine cones an pine needles to start teh fire wit. mmmmmm marshmallows. an soon we go fishin'. fishin' almost as cool as snow. although now i have friends who i love very much who are like no fishing bad dem haf faces so no eat dem or yoo get eat up by big monster buddah monster who suck teh marrow from yoo bones an make happy yummy noises as he eat you. so i no be making happy yummy nom nom nom noises about fish out of respect for my frens who no wan to get eat by giant buddah monster. Although cuz I have other frens dat be carnivores I tell tem if y00 wan to read gory bloody butchery of giant sea creatures read moby dick cuz dat make teh vegemetarians go oh noez. it make me go oh noez too... not because i no eat meat but because me try an stick wit the less intelligent meat cuz tey probably not survive in teh wild teez days an maybe someday some wily baywatch activist girl set all teh animals free in teleportation macheen an we haf to eat like broccoli an kale an soy dat make men retarded an gif women breas cancer (dat no joke dere be studeez an stuff). I eeven was vegetarian for a year. It was a very good year, wit smalltown girlz in tight bathing soots when i was 27. OK dat a lie, it was a really hard year, probably din't get enough protein, ached a bunch, an got super-duper sick of curry. like blech sick of curry. like so sick of curry dat only 10 years later do curry sound like a good idea. Will i eber go vegematarian again? Dat depend. Like if she better cook den me (an I is real good cook) an she no freak out or get all icy mean no sex if once in awhile i get a hamburger or make a steak or someting. no kiss yoo cuz yoo eat meat hate you, but i not do dat very often because she really good cook. den maybe. but not soy. mushroom protein an legume an rice protein an other good stuff. soy make retarded guy an brest cancer girlz. blech blech. although I am willing to believe (becuz teh chineez haf been eating it for like thousands of years) dat small quantities of soy probably not be make you retarded or breast cancer an stuff. but i no want to risk. i want a smoker too, one of dem tings dat you smoke food in so it be all smokey an yummy but den dere dere a risk of cancer too so I put it to teh back of my mine an try not to tink about how yummy smoket cheeses are. OK, tere establish psychological stuff about me concern for health but not fanatic an run aroun having steel cage matches with bulls running after me in pamplona eeven though i grab a pit bull an kick it in teh nutz if it be attacking my kid or someting. yoo see why dat important soon.

darkorpheus said...

Doc - It's nice that you consider me as a friend, but really, I don't think I am the best person to critique anyone's works. I am definitely not the sort to be able to give the valuable constructive feedback a writer needs.

Doc Martian said...

hee hee hee. don't sweat it. i just posted it cuz i thought you'd be amused by the giant buddah monster.


Carl V. Anderson said...

I've always thought that swimming is one of the more pleasant ways to get a good work out. I cannot recall a time that I haven't been in a pool that I didn't leave feeling exhausted...and I always have the best night's sleep afterwards. Guess I need to look into getting a pool!!!

Anonymous said...

I'd like to say that I couldn't possibly do that workout or look like that because I am too old. But she is a year older than I am so I have no excuse other than just reading about her workout makes me tired.

darkorpheus said...

Carl - You mean you're going to build a pool at home? Awesome.

Stefanie - Well, we can always tell ourselves that we can't afford the $100,000 a year she spends on her training team. :)

But we can go swimming. Or do yoga. Or cycle.

Andi said...

She really is just stunning. Those abs are a work of art. lol

darkorpheus said...

Andi - I hear you on those abs. It's art the likes of Venus de Milo really. :)

purplefugue said...

DAMM!!! She's even got that sexy pelvic cutting. That's a fabulous pix of her! She's impossibly sculpted.

darkorpheus said...

Indigo - A body to strive for. *sigh* I know.

Okay, this sounds really gay. :D