Sunday, August 24, 2008

Too Many Books

Update on packing my books: 13 boxes full, and I am not even one-third done. The place is in a mess right now. I will have to throw out the old books that I'm never going to re-read to save space.

Reality will eventually make itself known to you, that there is something such as "too many books".

I have to stop buying books. Effective today.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, that's what me and my husband vowed when we moved 80 boxes of books into our house ten years ago. I'm sure we've since doubled our collection. Good luck!

darkorpheus said...

Stefanie - Do you think there's a support group for people like us?

Wait, why am I asking you? :D

I still have my CDs, my DVDs, my clothes and personal stuff to pack. *sigh*

Doc Martian said...

don't throw them out. donate them or trade them in somewhere and pass the credit to someone else.

if nothing else... recycle 'em.


darkorpheus said...

Doc - Problem is, trading them in or donating them will take time and I will not be in the country by September. I also don't have a car. There's just too many books. I need to get rid of them fast.

chrisa511 said...

Oh no D-O...I was just thinking the other day of what it would be like when I move trying to pack all of these books. I think it would just be embarrassing! You have to give us the final count :p Don't hurt your back moving all those boxes!

darkorpheus said...

Chris- Thanks Chris. I will try not to strain my back.

As of this morning, I have 15 boxes. Still 65 boxes short of Stefanie's record but I'm not ambitious. I'm okay with a bronze medal.

theduckthief said...

Are you taking all of these books with you or are you putting them in storage?

I moved about a month and a half ago and it was amazingly freeing to purge all of the junk I'd been collecting.

darkorpheus said...

duck thief - I can't afford to ship all of them over. And to transport this large amount of books into Dubai I will need to submit a lot of paperwork which will take forever.

So I'll be packing them into "easily" transportable boxes. Come next year when the family have to move out of our flat, the movers will dump them into our new flat to await my return.

I will come back to a totally new flat with no bed, no wardrobe, no bookshelves, no desk and no chair. Just boxes of my worldly possession.

Doc Martian said...


They only take up as much room as your digital medium.


Doc Martian said...

ever seen this?