Friday, March 10, 2006

Asia Argento: That J. T. Leroy Thing

According to, Asia Argento shoots her mouth off at the Q&A following the screening of The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things. All this following revelations that J. T. Leroy is really a 40 year old woman named Laura Albert.
To heavily paraphrase: "What is truth? Am I telling you the fucking truth right now? How do you know what the fucking truth is?" She then talked about her personal experience with J.T. and how she had no idea he didn’t exist until everyone else found out about it. "I mean, I slept with J.T. I touched his pussy. I just thought they make great pussies these days. I don’t know. I couldn’t see, it was dark. He said he was on hormones, that was why the boobs were there. I just thought they make great pussies nowadays."

I have to stop reading trash like these online. But gawd, Asia Argento is just so much fun!

Asia ArgentoHere's a picture of the tattooed Italian star. What is it with me and tattooed bad girls? ;p


Anonymous said...

I like her too!

darkorpheus said...

What to say? Birds of a feather...;p