Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Which Literature Classic Are You? II

Some of my friends did the quiz, and here are some of their results:
Oscar Wilde: The Portrait of Dorian Gray.
You are a horror novel from the world of dandies, rich pretty boys, art and aesthetics, and intellectual debates between ethical people and decadent pleasure-seekers. You value beauty and pleasure but realize their dangers, as well.

Shakespeare: Sonnets.
Everyone has heard of you, and almost everybody can find something touching in you. You are calm and control yourself, even though your wisdom and your messages are no lesser than those of others.

J.R.R. Tolkien: Lord of the Rings.
You are entertaining and imaginative, creating whole new worlds around yourself. Well loved, you have a whole league of imitators, none of which is quite as
profound as you are. Stories and songs give a spark of joy in the
middle of your eternal battle with the forces of evil.

T.S. Eliot: The Wasteland.
You are a desperate cry to God, moulded in intricate word-craftmanship. Your language is controlled, but inside, you feel empty and are not content with your life. You see both the world and your inner self as a waste land: nothing good can come out of it anyway. People find you difficult to understand but admire you nevertheless.

Virginia Woolf: Orlando.
You are a challenge, for outer events, the outside world, the time etc. play no importance to you. Your focus is in writing, in gender issues, and inside your own head. Self-analysis and exploration of yourself as well as the outer world hold great importance to you.

Count as of this morning:
1 Picture of Dorian Gray
2 Shakespeare's Sonnets
3 Name of the Rose
1 Lord of the Rings
1 Flower of Evil
1 T. S. Eliot's Wasteland
1 Orlando

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