Thursday, March 02, 2006

DVD: Northern Exposure: Cicely

I finally got my Season 3 Northern Exposure DVDs back. Yay!

Northern Exposure is a pleasure trip to nostalgia. A quirky, delightful comedic drama - it never got the ratings it deserves. But it did earn a respectable cult status among TV viewers.

It used to be shown late at night on Sundays. That was way back during my Junior College days. We would stay up late to watch it on Sunday nights, and talk about the show in school on Monday mornings.

The episode that stayed closest to our hearts then was the last episode of Season 3, "Cicely". Back in our dreamy school days, we sighed when we recalled the "Cicely" episode. It was a simple but beautiful story of the town's founders: Roslyn and Cicely. They rode into town one day in 1909, in an automobile. They were strong-minded liberal women with a vision. That day they decided the dirt-hole Alaskan town shall be their site for the "Paris of the North."

A few things, minor details stayed with me for that episode. One of it was the bandit Kit (played by John Corbett, who's also Chris in Northern Exposure) who counts down with the basic tenets of Hegelian dialectics. ("Thesis! Antithesis! Synthesis!")

You know, I haven't heard that for a while. :)

But last night when I was watching the episode, I was once more moved by the words that touched me more than ten years ago:
"One person can have a profound effect on another.
And two people -
Well, two people can work miracles.
They can change a whole town.
They can change the world."

They don't make shows like this anymore.

Northern Exposure, we loved you well

[ Northern Exposure. We loved you well. ]

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