Wednesday, March 15, 2006

What Do I Consume?

A quick glance at the lists on the right will show you that this year at least, I probably spent more time reading than watching films.

And, I watch more films on DVD than films within cinema.

A while back, a friend asks for some feedback on why I choose not to join the local film society. Firstly, I don't see any perceivable advantage of spending $90 a year to join a film society. I did spend about $20 a year to join the premium membership of the National Library - because it allows me access to the DVD collection of library@esplanade. With the ready availability of DVDs these days, a greater variety of films are now accessible to people like myself.

The Picturehouse is opening soon - ironicaly, on my birthday. I will definitely be checking it out. However, for the local film society, I remain indifferent.

Has the film society really made that much effort to bring film-lovers together? I have not seen the efforts. While they have been working to bring in quality films that are not quite so readily available - in terms of building a community, where film lovers can come together and share passion, I have not seen the effort.

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