Friday, March 03, 2006

Lesbian Aesthetic

A friend emailed me this recently:

hey, was just thinking...

when i read those poems by carol ann duffy, and also
when i listen to tracy chapman, it occurs to me to
wonder if they are lesbian, and they turn out to be.
but thing is that what they write, or at least their
stuff that i have come across, is not specially
lesbian-ish or out-ish, but there's something there to
make me wonder about them. does this mean there is
some sort of lesbian aesthetic, or at least some sort
of sentiment in the work of lesbian artists that can
be identified/ are characteristic of them? come to
think of it, k d lang as well.

what do you think?

it's not a theory lah. just wondering out loud. or
rather, electronically.

it seems that there might be leh. i mean, like
"smitten, straining your tea" is not an image that
someone would write about a guy? or rather, the tone
of that piece is not something one would use to
describe feelings for a guy, and not something a guy
would write about a girl either. what thinks you?

me, being oh too "eng" again.

I think it's just her gaydar...

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