Monday, March 13, 2006

Let's Not See Each Other Again

March and September have always been the busy months of my social calendars. March is my birthday month, and my life is heavily doused with the Virgo influence (August-September).

But this year, I'm attempting to simplify things.

Last Saturday (11 March 2006) I met the Brat for lunch. Actually, I ate and she had coffee.

Last Saturday a classmate from my Secondary School got married. Church ceremony in the morning, dinner in the evening. I wasn't there for either.

I actually like The Bride - my ex-classmate. She has always been kind to me, and the fact she still invited me after all these years of absence was thoughtful.

So why didn't I go?

Reason #1: One of my former manager will be there. My former manager is first cousin to The Bride. I do not wish to see my former boss.

There is truth to Six Degrees of Separation - you're bound to have mutual acquaintances, especially if you date your friends.

Reason #2: EX #2's sister is good friend with The Bride, so they will be helping out with the wedding. It tortures me to have to be nice to EX #2, someone I no longer like very much.

Why did I go out with him in the first place? Rebound relationship. On hindsight I had always known he's too self-absorbed to love anyone but himself. He was the safest, least guilty and cleanest break-up I EVER had.

I don't want to speak to him again. Actually, it's more like I don't want to have to listen to his self-pitying, ego-centric rambling anymore. I can think of 1000 better ways of wasting my time - all of them painful - but all less dreadful than his personality.

Reason #3: EX #1 - first love, if we can call it that. How I feel now is very different. Too many unresolved issues.

I don't think we should see each other again.

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