Friday, March 16, 2007

MOVIE | The Other Bolyen Girl

I just found out about the upcoming movie based on Philippa Gregory's novel, The Other Boleyn Girl. Set during the Tudor Period, Eric Bana playing Henry VIII - while Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johansson plays Anne and Mary Boleyn respectively. The beautiful leading actresses are already worth the ticket price.

Is it okay to read the book because of the movie? The snob in me is always self-conscious about coming to a book because of a film - but I do it all the time. I've spread the news of this movie among my colleagues who are fans of Tudor history/historical fiction. They are heading for the bookshelves for Gregory's novel.

This year I'm also looking forward to the new Elizabeth I movie starring Cate Blanchett - The Golden Age. (Yes, it's a sequel. But as long as we don't say it out loud, it's okay.) Geoffrey Rush reprises his role as Walsingham, but there's Clive Owen (I don't get him - why are people so charmed by him?) this time as Walter Raleigh.

I love Elizabeth and Cate Blanchett was superb as the Virgin Queen. Among the supporting cast, there's also an exquiste Fanny Ardant as Mary of Guise. Ardant is one of those women who come into their beauty later in life. I adore the lavish set, the costumes and soundtrack. And although the film is a little liberal with the historical facts, it was wonderful in its exploration of gender politics.

It was Elizabeth the movie that first made me curious about reading up on the monarch. I'm still undecided between Elizabeth, the Queen by Alison Weir and Elizabeth by David Starkey. Anyone has any recommendation on a highly readable history book on Elizabeth I?


Stefanie said...

Blanchett makes a fantastic Elizabeth, doesn't she? I've not read any of Greggory's books but I know they are very popular. Considering my huge piles of books in waiting, Maybe I'll see the movie first on this one.

Imani said...

I'm eager about the film but have little interests in Gregory's books, what with my general disinterest in historical novels.

I too am really looking forward to The Golden Age. I'm still in shock that ol' Gwyneth Paltrow actually beat her to the Oscar for her role in Shakespeare in Love. I mean really now, what were they thinking.

Clive Owen is hot (in an unconventional sense, he's no pretty bow), you can't deny.

Anonymous said...

Ooh--two good movies. I haven't read The Other Boleyn Girl yet, but now I will have to! I love lucs movies like this. I loved the first Cate Blanchett movie about Elizabeth (so much so that I bought it and the soundtrack)! I admit I find Clive Owen rather easy on the eyes--not sure I can explain why--though it sort of depends on the role he is playing.