Monday, March 12, 2007

WTF | Klingon Politics

A friend of mine once went for a job interview with Nokia. The job required relocation to Finland, and interviewers were curious about her impression of the country.

My friend replied Finland is the home of Nokia and Santa Claus.

She got the job anyway.

Apparently, Finland is also a place where politicians are of a Klingon persuasion. A Finnish member of parliament is aiming for re-election by campaigning with a translation of his Web site into Klingon:
He said his politics posed some translation difficulties, since Klingon does not have words for matters such as tolerance, or for many colours, including green -- the party under whose banner he is running in the national elections on March 18.

Non-warriors can also access the site,, in English, Swedish and Finnish.

The home-country of Santa Claus and Nokia phones seems to be a really fun place to be.

Full story here.

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