Friday, March 23, 2007

Big Thank You

Need to post this before I leave. Amy Spangler has very nicely shared me with some Turkish musicians I should check out while I'm there. I would like to share this with anyone interested:

Selim Sesler's music is elegant, but Aylin Aslim - now, her I like. I wonder if her music is available through

Amy just translated Asli Erdogan's The City in Crimson Cloak for Soft Skull Press. The novel will be released later this year and I've already listed it as one of my "Must Check Out" new releases.

Asli Erodgan also has a short story, Wooden Birds, on Words Without Borders. Just in case you would like to check out her writing before picking up the novel.

PS: Among the many things I discovered through this blog is how sweet people can be to someone they have never met (ie. ME). Since I've posted on my interest in Turkish literature and about the forthcoming Turkey trip, many people have written me to offer useful tips, suggestions for books to read and some have even asked their friends Turkey travel advice on my behalf. It's this kind of generosity and kindness that warms you up inside. Maybe there is hope for the world yet.

To everyone who have either written me or dropped a comment on this blog: A Big Thank You.


Anonymous said...

check out erkan ogur too

Rebecca H. said...

I hope you have a great trip!

darkorpheus said...

Tony: Thanks, will try my best - so many things to check out. I hope we have enough time.

Dorothy: Thanks - we'll try our best not to kill each other and just enjoy ourselves. WIll have to catch up on your posts 2 weeks later. Bye!

Anonymous said...

If you like Aylin Aslim, you may very well like Özlem Tekin as well. I suggest searching for her on youtube and watching the first couple of clips.

Hope you're enjoying Turkey!