Tuesday, April 17, 2007

COMICS | Gail Simone Is Writing Wonder Woman

I'm kind of blissed out. Just found out Gail Simone has officially been named the new Wonder Woman writer. Yay! Goodness knows Diana needs a good writer. Somebody save her from bad writing, please!

Read the interview with Gail Simone on her new series via Newsarama

GS: I had a direction and definite ideas about her character, but I think it’s very important not to give readers whiplash, or New Direction Fever, as it’s commonly called. I want people to be able to understand by page three of our issues who Wonder Woman really is, but there are echoes of all the great work that came before, in the background, as well.

Of course, since she’s punching a monkey off a waterfall on page three, maybe that’s not the best example.

On second thought, no, it definitely is.

NRAMA: Monkey off a waterfall?

GS: Monkey off a waterfall.

NRAMA: You’re going to get letters.

GS: Bring ‘em.


Carl V. Anderson said...

Well that's a pretty cool gig to get after Birds of Prey. Wonder who the artist will be.

Anonymous said...

Hehe, that quote gave me quite a chuckle.

Kailana said...

Am I totally off-base here, or did I hear that there was talk of a Wonder Woman movie... I suppose it is about time, that seems to be the fad, comics to movies.

darkorpheus said...

Quixotic: I love Gail Simone for making me laugh throughout all the BoP comics. Will miss her touch.

Meanwhile, Huntress will get to throw meatball at Catman's head in the forthcoming BoP. Really! Can't wait!

Kailana: I know what you mean - Hollywood suits these days seem to think it's easy to just adapt comics to movies. They sometimes forget that comics fans have brains, and it's necessary to have things like decent plot, good acting, good script.

But occasionally we get fun stuff like X-Men (1 and 2 only, please), Spider-Man, 300 - even the recent Superman was a worthy adaptation.

Oh, yeah, back to Wonder Woman - yup, there was talk. Joss Whedon was supposed to do the script, but he and the producers had different ideas about the Amazon Princess, so he's officially off the project.

I loved Buffy and Serenity. Heartbreak!