Friday, April 13, 2007

My Father's Spirit

When I first got back from Turkey last Saturday, my father - the 63 year old retired teacher - informed me matter-of-factly that he was flying to Nepal this coming Saturday. Apparently in my absence he decided on the trip, made the travel arrangements and now he is packed to go.

I think my father's robust energy for travel and life puts me to shame. This is the same man who went to Tibet with me, because he decided he wants to travel while he still can walk.

He is also the man who decided to learn how to speak Thai when he was in his mid-forties. He went for Thai language lessons, and he worked hard at it. He now speaks fluent Thai - but with a Bangkok accent according to some of the Thai locals. I am so much younger than him yet I can't even bring myself to sign up for Italian classes.

How can you not admire this man's spirit? How can I not feel ashamed next to him?


Carl V. Anderson said...

I don't think you should compare yourself to him and feel ashamed, I think you should admire him and be proud...and hope and pray your energy and spirit are in the same place when you are his age.

Kudos to him!

Anonymous said...

When I turn 63 I hope I have as much energy and desire for life as your dad does. That's really fantastic.