Thursday, August 16, 2007

Banned Books, Harvey and Lennox Singles


I'm still looking through the list of banned authors for the upcoming Index Librorum Liberorum Challenge. I would like to have a good list of possible authors before I decide to sign up. And since this is a list banned by the Vatican, I would like to read some books that sufficiently offends or challenges church sensibilities.

My current shortlist:

  1. The Last Temptation of Christ, by Nikos Kazantzakis (GREECE)
  2. Gargantua and Pantagruel, by Francois Rabelais (FRANCE)
  3. The Power and the Glory, by Graham Greene (ENGLAND)

SHORT-list, it is. Will look around to see if I can come up with anything.


P.J. Harvey's new single, When Under Ether, from her new album, White Chalk.

Annie Lennox's new single, Dark Road, from her new album, Songs of Mass Destruction.


Stephanie said...

I love, love, love PJ Harvey!!

I just got back from vacation and I'm trying to catch up on all my favorite blogs. I have a lot to read!!

Anonymous said...

I didn't know Last Temptations was banned. If that's the case, The Gospel According to Jesus Christ would be too.

Rebecca H. said...

I'm curious about your #1 and 2 choices (I've read the third).

darkorpheus said...

stephanie Yeah, saw the Disney pictures. Welcome back. Had a good rest yet? Can't believe you guys survived Disneyland. :)

PJ Harvey's cool, but this track for sample seems more subdued.

Matt I believe Saramago's exile was because of the censorship of The Gospel According to Jesus Christ by his government. But was it officially banned by the Vatican, not so sure.

Last Temptations is still banned in a few placesaround the world, I believe.

Dorothy I'm nore interested in Kazantzakis and Rabelais for the challenge myself. Graham Greene is there because I like any excuse to read him.

Robertson Davies's The Rebel Angels makes one interested in reading Rabelais. :)

Anonymous said...

I read about the Vatican vehemently objected to Saramago's being awarded the Nobel Prize.