Saturday, August 11, 2007

Rambling about Fake Doctors and Preferred Sperm Donors

Hi all. Didn't manage to catch Broken English. The cinema stopped screening Parker Posey. Oh well. I've been reading a little, and watching the first season of House M.D. I am hooked. Haven't been so captivated by a dysfunctional doctor since Geiger left Chicago Hope.

Hugh Laurie is charismatic in House. It's hard to believe he can pull off the genius bit, since my deepest memory of him is him playing idiotic sidekick next to Rowan Atkinson's Blackadder. And they have Robert Sean Leonard playing a doctor. How he has grow since he played a suicidal actor in Dead Poets Society. He looks - exactly the same. So totally unlike Patrick Dempsey, who grew up all hot and McDreamy since Can't Buy Me Love.

Just a bit of entertainment news: Self Magazine polled 1,000 Chinese women on their top choice for sperm donors, and Andy Lau comes in as Number One. OMG. Takeshi Kaneshiro only manages Number Three? Are these women on drugs?

See the Top 10 List of Preferred Sperm Donor here.

The fact that anyone is doing a poll like this is fascinating. Says a lot about human nature.


Carl V. Anderson said...

House is an incredible show! I am really looking forward to this next season.

Imani said...

Top choice for sperm donors? That's a...weird question. :D I'd take Tony Leung Chiu Wai but yes, I admit I'd take Lau over Kaneshiro too. I haven't seen him in anything besides House of Flying Daggers (a "meh" movie all round) so he's at a disadvantage.

darkorpheus said...

Carl Yeah, I'm in love with House too! He is incredibly likeable too. I'm hooked and I'm getting the next season on DVD soon.

imani Yes, it's a wierd question. What kind of people asks something like that?

But I'm thinking more physical genetic traits. I don't mind if my child ends up with Andy or Kaneshiro's looks. But Bill Gates is at Number 2! Unless Bill Gates is paying me lavish child support, I don't want my child to have his looks. It's superficial, but it's true.