Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Homer's Lonely Planet

Stefanie posted about The Smart Set, an online magazine from Drexel University. It looks fun, with quite a few interesting short essays to check out. Among the features is a short piece by Alexia Brue ― Homer's Lonely Planet ― about re-reading Homer's Odyssey.

I actually have Alexia Brue's Cathedrals of the Flesh on my bookshelf ― unread. I first saw it at the bookstore and I waved it at a friend in my excitement.

"What's it about?" my friend asked.

"It's a book about bathing," I breathed. I bought Cathedral of the Flesh ― because at that time, a book about the great bathing cultures of the world seemed like something I need to read.

In her columnn, Alexia Brue wrote this:

I had not reread the Odyssey at the ten-year mark because, frankly, who reads the Odyssey without an assignment or a book group? (Please e-mail me if you independently picked up the Odyssey and read it cover to cover on your own without any prodding or ulterior motive and I will send you a tray of homemade Greek baklava.)

This is the kind of comment that set my left eyebrow arching. I believe quite a few people have read Homer for no other reason than the sheer enjoyment of a classic. A gauntlet has been thrown.

If you have read Homer out of the sheer bookishness of your heart, and you think you would enjoy some Greek cuisine I have never heard of, her email address is available at her website: http://www.alexiabrue.com/. Do tell me if the Greek baklava does arrive. ;p

Okay, just having a little fun. Imagine if people do email her asking for Greek baklava.

Meanwhile, I shall go google "baklava".


Imani said...

Oh, you know me. Of course I had to send her an e-mail. (What sort of persons does she hang around with for such an idea to seem impossible? Weird.)

Andi said...

Ooh, I love baklava, but unfortunately I'm one of those people who needed an assignment. Such is not always the case with classics--I read a great many on my own--but in this case I've read the Odyssey three or four times (lost count), all because of school assignments or teaching jobs.

Ana S. said...

I am currently reading The Odyssey, and Rhinoa has just finished it. I'm tempted to ask for my Greek baklava once I'm done.

darkorpheus said...

Imani Hah! Good for you! If she writes back, be sure to let me know.

Can she mail Greek Baklava by post though? Hmmm.

Andi Hah! Three or four times? No matter the reason, it's great. I'm in awe - I have yet to read Odyssey - but I will. Eventually. One day.

I am hopeful, aren't I?

Nymeth I think you guys really should email her for Greek baklava. At the very least, I think it qualifies as feedback for the stuff she writes. And what writers don't want feedback? :)

Anonymous said...

How did I miss this post? I sent her an email after I read the article and haven't heard anything from her. Maybe she is too busy making baklava for all of us :)

darkorpheus said...

Stefanie *LOL* You girls are a hoot! No worries, Imani has not received a reply either. *Tsk tsk* Writers!