Saturday, August 04, 2007


Oh Jubilee. Jubilation Lee. How you have grown!

For a while your superpowers appear to be a Peter Pan youthfulness, remaining 13 and a half years of age in spite of being around for years. You were a bubble-gum chewing loudmouth, a spitefire who held her own by Wolverine's side. Even the lacklustre Gen-X series gave you occasional moments of heroism, and the Gen-X series hinted - through Emma Frost's analysis - that you possessed greater powers than anyone realised, that unconsciously you suppressed them because you were too afraid of hurting those around you.

Your greatest power, in my opinion, was your humanity. Your child-like compassion and decency. Your instinct for doing the right thing. Perhaps that was why Marvel wanted to keep you 13 and a half for so long; perhaps they did not believe the decent part of you could survive growing up.

Last I heard, you lost your mutant powers after that fiasco that is House of M. Now you are in New Warriors. Now you go by the code-name of Wondra, doing wierd things in a suit. Your leadership qualities are coming through. You are leading missions, helping people.

And now you have boobies.

WHAT exactly are they doing with you?


Imani said...

THAT'S Jubilee?

*closes eye*

I'll stick with my memories of the older version, thanks.

Anonymous said...

wow, she has grown up. well, its good to see her age, at least!

i really liked how they wrote her in gen-x, i must say.

so what are these new powers then?

darkorpheus said...

Imani My sentiments exactly. What are they doing? And a code-name like "Wondra" - I seeing it as "Wonderbra"

Jean Pierre I wasn't too taken with Gen-X (although I have read some pretty good Gen-X fanfic!) Last I heard, Jubilee has not recovered her powers. She's just wearing an enhanced suit that gives her super-strength.