Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Two New Reading Challenges

Yes! New reading challenges that we can all look forward to. From the diabolic brain of Imani - because our lives are so much better with more reading challenges. :)

1) Index Librorum Prohibitorum Challenge (it is apparently a working title)

For a year, working with the Index Librorum Prohibitorum (List of Prohibited Books) officially catalogued and promulgated by the Roman Catholic Church under the leadership of Pope Paul IV in 1559, participants are encouraged to select books or the oeuvre of authors to read, mull over and share with like-minded individuals at this site. The only requirement is that each participant chooses authors from at least three different countries.

All ye heathens, read books banned by the Vatican. Nothing to lose but you might risk excommunication.

The challenge starts on September 1st 2007 and ends on August 31st 2008. (You know, this is the longest and most manageable deadline I have seen for any reading challenge)

Details, go to Index Librorum Liberorum

2) Outmoded Authors Challenge

The final list of outmoded authors is completed and we're ready to go on September 1st 2007. The idea behind this challenge is to give some needed attention to authors who have fallen by the way side. While one may assume that all on the list produced works of the highest quality, a few may turn out to be historical curiosities, and that's alright too. "Timeless" works aren't the only ones that can prove to be pleasurable reads.

The challenge will last for six months and end on February 28th 2008. During that time you may choose to read however many books by however many authors you like. Membership will be open to all, including those who don't have a blog, until January 31st 2008. As you can see I'm not one for too many rules, not liking them myself when it comes to any sort of group reading activity.

Go to Outmoded Authors.


Ana S. said...

Both are great ideas for challenges. And yes - more and more I've come to prefer challenges with longer deadlines. Probably because, other than RIP, I really can't fit anymore between now and the end of the year.

Imani said...

Well, I didn't manage to cap it at 30 after all. :P I haven't even counted the final list because of how far off I went. Anyway I extended the Outmoded one to February after I saw the gigantic list I ended with. Thanks for posting about them!

Anonymous said...

Oh so very tempting! I'm trying to wait until end of the month before I sign up for any others though. I want to see if I can finish any of the ones I've signed up for right now (not looking good but I'm still trying).

Anonymous said...

A most interesting challenge. Also with a very late deadline!

I've read The Toilers of the Sea and Candide but won't mind to re-read them. :)

Mailyn said...

All ye heathens, read books banned by the Vatican. Nothing to lose but you might risk excommunication.

I'm rather tempted to join this challenge just to go against the Vatican. LMAO.

I suck at challenges isnce i never know what I'll be in the mood to read so I just pick up whatever I feel like at the moment.

Oh and I LOVE Sabriel by Nix. I see you are reading that now.

darkorpheus said...

Nymeth I know what you mean about longer deadlines. Which is why it's cool that imani kept the dates so manageable, and the rules are flexible too.

I'm looking at the RIP too, and definitely no more challenges after this.

Do jump in when you decide. I'm picking up the Outmoded Authors Challenge.

Imani Hee. I think going beyond 30 makes it more flexible - and it gives a wider choice, so why not? Thanks for the deadline. February next year looks more manageable.

Iliana Do join in if you can. I'm not progressing that well on my existing challenges either, so this may be a little foolhardy of me too. But we can always reach for the sky, yes? :)

Matt Hey, thanks for dropping by. :) A bit of excommunication is good for the soul - very purging. You signing up?

Mailyn Hee. That line just seemed right while I was typing this.

Oh yes, reading "Sabriel" - it's very good. I wonder why I only picked it up now.

Anonymous said...

those look like very cool challenges! wow.