Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Unorganized Bookshelves

We moved to a new apartment recently and I have only just put all the books up on the bookshelves. Because I had to do it in a hurry, not all the books are where they ought to be -- not all the books by the same author are placed together, they are not arranged according to subject or genres. Just up there on the bookshelves until I can sort them out again.

Right now I seem to have books missing. I can't find Sarah Waters' The Little Stranger, for instance. Either I lost the book during the move (not likely) or it's hidden somewhere.

Either way, things are not where they used to be, and not organized the way I prefer. I am a little intrigued by how uneasy this makes me feel; something so unimportant, seemingly minor, yet it feels so important: well-organized bookshelves.