Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Notebooks: 12 July 2005

Random entry from my black notebook. Destination is the Phu Chai Sai Mountain Resort and Spa in Chang Rai, Thailand. I was there last year with a friend for a break.

5:00 pm 12 July, 2005
At the balcony:

I'm writing in the journal. There is a rainbow far ahead, from the mountains. WW is still at the spa. I wonder if it'll still be around when she returns from her massage. I've killed three mosquitoes so far. These are small, and not as fast as the mosquitoes in my room.

From the balcony I can look down at the entrance of the spa.

WW is walking up to the room.

4th mosquito murdered. Oh well.

Looked up, and the rainbow is gone now. WW is glad she got to see it.

WW did take a picture of the rainbow that day. Unfortunately her digital camera was later found to be missing - from our room. The effort made by the service staff in recovering the missing camera was weak. So if you are interested to go there, be warned.

So we never got to take the rainbow home with us.

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