Friday, April 07, 2006



If you've taken the time to read The Guardian article on "what do men read to get them through life?" - you will know the title chosen by the men surveyed is Albert Camus'L'Etranger. This, against Jane Eyre, chosen by the ladies. Hmm.

Once more we are reminded that Men and Women are different.

But did we need a survey to tell us that?
They use fiction almost topographically, as a map. Many of our women respondents last year explained that they used novels metaphorically - the build-up to an emotional crisis and subsequent denouement in a novel such as Jane Eyre might have helped negotiate an emotional progress through a difficult divorce, or provided support during a difficult period at work, or provided solace when things seemed generally dull.

This did not seem ever to be the case for men, though some men admitted to having made a sound investment in an author - such as Orwell - whom they used as a guide throughout their adult life on the basis of a first encounter in adolescence.

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