Thursday, May 11, 2006

INTERVIEW: Gillian Anderson

From The Guardian, Sunday May 7, 2006
Interview with Gillian Anderson

Anderson from Bleak House
She was the intelligent, sardonic FBI agent from The X-Files. And the real star of the show, if you ask me.

The Senior Ms H once watched an interview with Gillian Anderson on David Letterman. She was indignant, and griped that Anderson "sounded like a bimbo!"

Which led to my rebuttal, a little tongue-in-cheek, but with genuine admiration, "That means Gillian Anderson is a really good actress. She actually makes you believe Scully's intelligent when she's [Anderson herself] not!"

The Guardian interview linked here is fun, with Anderson coming through as a slightly unglam actress who is actually approachable. The interviewer wrote this about her:
She's a funny creature, Gillian Anderson. I warm to her for various reasons. She's got a nice line in non sequiturs. She's un-grand. She's wearing an eccentric pair of white patent leather heels, a tatty old pair of combat trousers and a violet jersey. She swears brilliantly. She gets excited when a waiter carries a tray of puddings past, and races off to feed the parking meter so she can have the lemon tart brulee ('and please get the sticky toffee pudding'). She doesn't have a watch. She's capable, even on a day like today, of moments of almost painful candour. Last but not least, I like her because when the interview is over, she will say goodbye and attempt to leave the restaurant not through the door, but through one of the plate-glass windows. She is, I think, not altogether cool.

Remember: Anderson was the poster-girl for geeks 10 years back. (Do I still have my X-Files t-shirt? Hmm.) I believe Anderson is a geek at heart.

Other bitties from the interview. Anderson on a happiness roll:
Four years ago, she went through a really good stage, she was 'really, really happy', and there's a long, dreamy pause while she drifts off, remembering this happy time, and then she comes to and says, briskly, 'Yeah, but I was doing loads of yoga and meditation. I was going to say I was eating wholefoods a lot, but I think I was living off frozen yogurt.'

How can you not like a woman who eats? She had two desserts during the interview. (She went off to feed the parking meter - then came back for seconds.) Then she tells the interviewer:
'... Please don't write that I scoffed two desserts. You can be honest about it and say that I ate all of mine and half of yours. Well, I'm going to have one more bite before I go.'

It's the kind of remark that endears someone to you, because they come off so raw and real.

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