Sunday, November 11, 2007

NaNoWriMo | Not Even 5000 Words

I'm still working on NaNoWriMo, and last word-count is at 4701. I'm almost 2 weeks into the project and I am not even halfway to the 10,000 mark. ARGH.

I was on the bus recently and it hit me that while I am so concerned about plausible plots and convincing characterisations with my own story, I don't seem to practice the same critical analysis when I read. Maybe I am a lazy reader.

That said, I sort of have an idea plot-wise of the "Great Evil" that will challenge our young hero and his allies. I think I am also getting a better sense of young Julian, reluctant hero. I've been throwing more supporting characters into the mix, and writing outlines of his interactions with the different characters help me "figure him out". It's amazing how we are defined by our relationships. I have also decided the fate of young Julian's much admired older brother, Hugh. Poor Hugh -- heroic, but you need to serve the plot.

To get the word-count, I have been cheating by writing short scenes that are supposed to fit into the story later. Instead of a linear progression, I skip between scenes, elaborating each scene as I feel like it. It's sort of like trying to string together different coloured beads. It's working, it's getting me to write -- but eventualy I will have to make them more coherent overall. Maybe I should worry about that in December.

I still have no idea how the young hero will eventually meet the femme fatale -- the beautiful, enigmatic vampire sorceress, Cristiane, who has her own agenda, but who will of course be absolutely irresistable to young Julian.

Of course, the One Million Dollar Question: Should Cristiane the vampire and Julian the Shadow Hunter have sex? Can I write it? How does one do research for this sort of thing? Should I attempt to write it, or just do a chapter-break between sex?

My mind is just in the gutter, isn't it?


Stephanie said...

I give credit to anyone for doing this!! I just don't have the time. But it sounds like you have a great idea! I hope to see it in print some day!

chrisa511 said...

You'll get your 50,000 words, I have no doubt! You sound like you have enough story to write a 150,000 word epic! Like you said, it's just stringing it all together. The gaps will fill themselves in eventually, I'm sure...and if they don't fill themselves in, just make sure you have 50,000 words worth of other stuff by the end of November ;)

I like your approach! I wish I could outline, but I just can't do it. What I'm writing is purely for fun. It's not something that I think will be readable to just anyone. But your book sounds like something that's going to be developed really well and something that I for one am definitely interested in reading! I think that if I do this again next year I'm going to tackle it more along your lines and outline ahead of time.

As for sex, I say throw it in there! It's a part of life, people do it. It doesn't mean your mind is in the gutter at all. I think it can be quite an intense moment...not just because it's sex, but because it's sex between two people who are meant to be enemies by the nature of what the are! (right? lol) Quite a climactic moment. Of course if you start writing it and you're not comfortable with it, ditch it. I for one would probably suck horribly at writing sex scenes, so I most probably won't.

Anyway, I love the ideas you have and your story sounds awesome! Stick with it!

Ana S. said...

I think you should definitely only worry about making it coherent as a whole when you're working on the second draft. For now, just get the scenes written down. And nothing wrong with not writing it linearly if that's what works for you.

As for the sex scene, I'd say write it! A well-written and tasteful sex scene can be a great addition to the novel. If you don't like how it turns out you can always cut it out later.

chrisa511 said...

Now you see, I'm looking at your NaNo profile and you whooped 5000 words' ass today ;)

Andi said...

I vote for sex.

Wonder how many dirty-minded hits that'll bring to your site? lol Mine are much higher than usual thanks to my "reading positions" post.

Anonymous said...

it seems the public have voted for the sex!

yeah, give it a try. if you don't like it; then throw it out, if you do - keep it.

its certainly something that fits in with the genre and that the readers sort of expect from it, and, in fact, really enjoy. vampires are sexy, after all.

but perhaps another question is whether they should have sex just yet? if you were thinking about it a sequel and all, for which to build the tension...?

darkorpheus said...

Stephanie Thanks - but I don't think it's fit for print really. Just wanted to have some fun.

Chris I think I would suck at writing a sex scene too - but the idea of it is sexy enough to with a vampire. Well, there's Angel and Buffy - and that didn't turn out well.

Oh yes, 6000+ words -- then it stagnants.

Nymeth *ahem* I was looking at something hot, sexy and preferably a little kinky. I don't think I'm cut out for tasteful ;p

Andi I should do that blog-rating test again - I might get an R-rating finally. You think? Hee.

Jean Pierre A sequel? OMG, JP, that's too much commitment!

Anyone knows how to write a good sizzling vampire/human sex scene?

Ana S. said...

There IS such a thing as sexy, kinky and tasteful, though :P Anne Rice, for example, can be very hot and explicit, but at the same the sex scenes she writes have a certain...elegance to them, if that makes sense?

Anyway, I actually have no idea how to write a good sizzling vampire/human sex scene. Good luck!

darkorpheus said...

Nymeth Do I dare I admit that I have read Anne Rice's "Beauty" erotica series? ;p

She is definitely kinky there, but with these lush, purpose prose - though I never understood the sexiness of spanking. Thanks - I'll go research *ahem* Anne Rice and maybe Anais Nin.

Hmm... how to write vampire/human sex without the biting, the sucking, but maybe some clawing, scratching...? I refuse to write about spanking. That's just silly.

Was there actual "Sexy-Sex" in the "Vampire Chronicles"? Can't recall. I do remember "Sex: The Game the Whole Family Can Play!" in the Mayfair Witches series though.

chrisa511 said...

OK, you have me laughing in stitches with "Sex: The Game the Whole Family Can Play!" in the Mayfair Witches series. I love that series and that was just one of the best comments EVER! I remember sex in the vampire, steamy, and kinky? Don't recall.

And I'm with you on the spanking...let's leave that out...

purplefugue said...

Just write! No matter whether you're writing in order or starting at the end or smack in the middle and working around that...just write. You'll find the thread to connect the chunks of text as you do. You'll be surprise at how fast you'll reach that 10K target. OOh...Rice's Beauty series is excellent. And I'm a huge fan of her Lestat series and the Mayfair witches. The sex scenes are kinky, erotic and HOT. Go for it...write that sex scene. Don't worry if it's good or bad. Just get it out there...and then guess what? You would have written a sex scene! Woohoo!!