Monday, March 29, 2010

Reading Distracted

I was reading Find Your Focus Zone earlier. It's a non-fiction title on attention. These days I find myself too easily distracted and I needed some good advice on now to regain focus on the tasks around me. But I was at the library earlier and naturally, I picked up some new books and I am now distracted by Kate Christensen's The Epicure's Lament.

Some habits are hard to crack. :\


Melwyk said...

Well, at least you can focus on a novel! There are worse habits to have... I've been reading a lot of business related nonfiction recently and find that my focus goes between nonfic and fiction from one day to the next.

darkorpheus said...

"focus" may be too broad a term for my reading habits these days. I'm surprised I even managed to finish the novel. Writing about it takes more focused energy - which is why it's so difficult for me to write anything of substance lately.