Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Giving Gift Cards for Christmas?

"Book buying, by extension, has become an impersonal exchange. Soulless gift cards and instant e-certificates are, of course, the only option when there is no specific book object to wrap. But giving gift cards in a long-term relationship is depressing. It's like saying, 'Here's 150 Amazon dollars. That's how much I love you. Please adjust to reflect my portion of the mortgage payment.' "

--Leah McLaren in her Globe & Mail column "How the rise of e-readers takes the fun out of giving books."

But I like gift-cards to bookstores. Give me, please?


Chasing Snails said...

I would never give you a gift card. I would instead, buy you a craptastic book and FORCE you to read it. I'm sadistic like that :D

Seriously tho, gift cards have their place, they are at times tho, a shallow solution.

darkorpheus said...

I can do shallow. (nod)

Gift me giftcard! :D