Thursday, March 17, 2011

Do Not Grieve

I found out last night that a friend passed away last Sunday. I thought about how I didn't keep in touch with her, because I was so caught up with my own self-centered life. And now she's gone, and I can't make it up to her.

I think I am on the verge of losing another good friend because of an argument.

I ended up crying last night; it was an emotional day. Sometimes all you have left are regrets and loss. I'm trying to remind myself not all relationships are gone forever. But sometimes, I wonder.

I'm trying to comfort myself right now.

Song by Faiz Ahmed Faiz

Do not grieve.
Do not grieve
This pain will cease.
Friends will return
Wounds will heal

Do not grieve.
Do not grieve.
Day will dawn.
Night will end.
Clouds will burst.

Do not Grieve.
Do not grieve.
Times will change.
Birds will sing.
Spring will come.

Do not grieve.
Do not grieve.

~ Faiz Ahmed Faiz

Translated by Daud Kamal


Anonymous said...

Please, don't be too hard on yourself.

All is not lost. Start to do good from this moment on and things will get better.

Sometimes hold your temper or your tongue. It is much easier than to face regret later. Pause and stay calm and the moment will pass.

Sometimes things happen for a reason. it could your lesson or their lession, we are all here to learn.

I know it is hard to control temper sometimes but i dont like regret.It makes me feel really bad so I try to mindful to be nice to people or just move on if they are really annoying.

Do you realised that when our birthday is approaching, it is a very emotional period and we go through all kinds of emotion? I try to stay calm or I might do alot of things that I might regret.

You know better and you can do better (I read from Oprah). All will be well. Please take care. All my best wishes. Quietletters

darkorpheus said...

Thank you, quietletters