Sunday, May 29, 2016

Some books bought, and things said that made me roll my eyes

I had a grand plan to reduce my spending on books this year. It was a good plan, a frugal, prudent one. It went very well early part of this year, but now that we are in May, it seems to have faltered a little. I was in a bookstore, and well - things just happened.

There was some self-restraint. I didn't buy over the store. Just two books - yes, entirely forgivable. There was this nice title I saw, Work Clean: The Life-Changing Power of Mise-en-Place to Organize Your Life, Work and Mind. It was one of those ideas that stuck with me when I first started reading about the Culinary Institute of America, and their work ethics - which was also something shared by chef like Thomas Keller etc. The idea of the mise-en-place; the ruthless organisation of their work space so that all energy is kept to its most efficient, and no energy is wasted. I wondered if this was something that could be applied to other areas. It would probably be an intense and highly focused way to live our lives. Some might even call it OCD. Perhaps I just want some focus in my life right now, so this work just looks really interesting.

Next up, Prague in Black and Gold: The History of a City. My readings reflect my travel interests - which often revolve around places and history I'm more interested in the history and culture of a city than its shopping. I have been looking at Prague lately, so it would be interesting to read up on it. Just as an aside, when I mentioned my interest in Prague, a friend asked if I was going to also make a trip to Vienna, to Salzburg. I said no. And then there was a confused, "Why not? That's what everyone do." This was the kind of statement that makes me roll my eyes.

To each their own. Your travel plans are yours alone, and while it's good to take advice from time to time, you are not obliged to follow the itinerary or travel plans of others, just because it has been done before. Same with reading, you don't have to read what others are reading. You don't have to always read the award winners, or the bestsellers, or those books recommended by famous people - though it's not a crime to just put those recommendations under consideration either. But - follow your our heart, and try something new, once in a while - because you want to, not because someone else told you to.


Anonymous said...

well said : ) quietletters

Jonathan Beckett said...

Every time I try to spend less on books, I end up buying more on the Kindle (because it's so damn easy - as you mentioned in a previous post). Just discovered your blog btw - loving it so far.

darkorpheus said...

@quietletters - nothing I've said is ever original. Maybe just grumpy. Or angry. Or hungry.

@Jonathan - I have that problem. But now I'm accumulating a LOT of titles not yet read (oh, I am so optimistic about my reading!). I really wonder if I will ever really get to them before I drop dead.

Anonymous said...

Hello darkorpheus - It is ok, it doesn't matter the origins but you said exactly how I think and feel sometimes. all too often, people don't understand that we can do anything we like and don't have to follow what others are doing. Even if many people are doing, it does not mean it is the right thing. It is a strange world we living when some people said or do thing like just a matter of fact just because someone else did it. It is ok to be grumpy, angry or hungry. I think I am 'angry' most of the time and simply hungry for something 'raw' or 'real' sometimes : ) quietletters