Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Book Club That Never Happened

I sent out a mass-email some time back proposing a book club. It was more of a survey really, to test the general reception. I got some replies. It was actually more or less what I expected.

Anyway, as life took over I shelved the book club idea, until yesterday when a friend emailed me about it. She had some ideas she wanted to discuss at the book club.

I informed her of the general feedback. So that's kind of the end of it.

Now, this leads me to wonder a little, and goodness knows I should be wondering this at work.

We were looking at a book club that meets regularly. I was thinking once every 2 months. Get a core participant of about 5 people. Venue is actually easily arrangeable.

Some of the people who are interested are unable to commit to a regular meet-up. Understandable. Book clubs are often made up of ladies of leisure apparently. Life (and work-life) has a way of intruding into our well-laid plans.

I asked some people at work. A friend asks me, "Who's going to organise things?"

"Well, guess it's me, unless someone wants to help," I replied.

Friend: "You know you're going to end up doing the bulk of the work, right?"

Another issue, I need a good facilitator. Someone well-read, articulate, rational - a people's person able to draw out discussions and iron out potential conflicts. This is not something I'm good at. When I asked around for volunteers, somehow people always end up volunteering me.

That's fine. I'm testing water and I'll not stretch myself beyond my limits. And I am aware of the limit on the amount of time and effort I am willing to put into it.

Then there are the people who are interested. One friend wanted to be in a bookclub since she watched "Ellen" on TV. That's a scary thought actually, but fun.

But then, reading being a solitary habit, I come up against a wall. Some people don't like the idea of meeting strangers to discuss books they've read. They prefer an online blog/forum/mailing list.

Not what I'm looking for either.

So plans for the book club is in hiatus.

Do I feel bad? Nope. Why feel bad about something that never happened?

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