Friday, September 30, 2005


D'oh Moment I:

Shopping at Kipling's
Me: Ohmygawd I love that pink bag [pause] Did I just say that?
PW: [nodding] Yes you did.

D'oh Moment II:

Walking Down Tanjong Pagar along some pubs
PVC: Hey, there's a gay pub here. Wai Teck mentioned it before. What's it called...Where Else. It's called Where Else. We should go there one day.
Me: Okay. Why Not.

~ It's not funny if I have to explain the punchline.

D'oh Moment III:

Me: Maybe I should just give my parents what they want. Grandchildren.

D'oh Moment IV:

PVC: [gasps] You touched my punani!

~ the first time I ever heard that word.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

II - I get the punchline even if other people don't.

IV - You touched someone's punani? On purpose?