Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Copy Protection My Ass

KT Tunstall
KT Tunstall's
Eye to the Telescope

I've taken to this emerging Scottish singer. Bought the CD earlier this year and I'm still playing the CD. It has some fast guitar thumping tunes, and she has that slightly raspy, folksy singing voice that I like.

One particular tune "Suddenly I See" is apparently KT Tunstall writing about Patti Smith.

Now, my current peeve is this - I've always made it a point of buying the CDs I want. Music CDs are still reasonably priced, and I do believe the sales goes into supporting the artists, allowing them to continue working. This is especially true for new artists.

This current KT Tunstall CD however is produced in the EU, and is copy-controlled. What this jack-assed shit means is this - I can't download the music into my mpeg player even though I made it a point to buy the original. Now, if I've actually gone and bought a pirated copy, I probably will have no problem downloading the songs on my mpeg player.

Fucked by my own sense of fair play.

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