Monday, December 05, 2005

RENT the Musical

Saw RENT the Musical last Saturday. Was seated at nice Circle seats where I imagined raunchy sexual escapades and intrigue of the kind you see in historical movie. But the Circle seats at the old Kallang Theatre was far from romantic. And a little wore for wear.

Just looking at your ticket, you are reminded that RENT stars Karen Mok. In BIG letters. When the musical opens, WW asks somewhere in the background if that's Karen Mok somewhere on stage.

You get the idea. She ain't the star, even if they're selling her.

Karen Mok plays Mimi, the junkie exotic dancer who's all Bad Girl. Okay, Karen Mok has a nice body and great tresses - but wild-abandon sex kitty she isn't. It was a lukewarm performance really, but it could have been much more.

Later in the evening I bought the CD for the original Broadway performance of RENT (Sucker!) Okay, my favourite tunes in the musical? "Light My Candle" and "Out Tonight" - oddly enough, both Mimi's songs.

Karen Mok just don't do it for me.

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