Monday, February 20, 2006

Death of Handwriting

From The Guardian
Tuesday February 14, 2006

Somebody bemoaning the death of handwriting. Postmodernism and culture theory sucks. We're always moaning and groaning about the death of the author or something or another.
Yesterday afternoon I received a lovely letter from a correspondent that began: "Please forgive scribbled note. I can no longer type." But why, with all due respect, should anyone ask forgiveness when favouring me with the personal touch of their penmanship? When did typing become better than handwriting? (To which question an irritatingly good reply is: If you're so clever, why didn't you write this article by hand?)

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KateGladstone said...

It had to happen sometime: handwriting-impaired users of mobile phones can now buy an iPhone app to teach them how to write --