Thursday, February 23, 2006

THOUGHT: To Forsake

Right before the outbreak of World War II, even when the political situation in Germany was swiftly turning hostile for the German Jews, many of them refuse to leave the motherland.

I was struck by the statement made by one of these patriotic German Jews, which goes something like:
One does not forsake one's parents, just because they behave badly.

My memory is hazy, but the statement was to this effect. I imagined the man paid dearly believing this. In hindsight of the events that followed, it even seems naive. Yet there is an admirable quality in it. Something that inspires, even.

In this instance, the country failed the man, even as he stayed true.

Fidelity is that which has to be able to withstand adversity. And loyalty which has never been tested, can we claim that it even exists?

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