Thursday, March 09, 2006

BOOKS: Reading "The English Patient"

I am re-reading The English Patient, by Michael Ondaatje. I have a copy of my own (Yes, yes, because of the movie! Don't judge me!;p) - but could not find it. So I'm reading a library copy instead.

It's another one of those moments when the movie affects your reading of the book. As I follow Hana through the novel, I see the frail, tragic beauty of Juliette Binoche in my mind's eye.

I came across this passage, where Hana is reading a book from the abandoned villa she is living in with the English patient:
This was the time in her life that she fell upon books as the only door out of her cell. They became half her world. She sat at the night table, hunched over, reading of the young boy in India who learned to memorize diverse jewels and objects on a tray, tossed from teacher to teacher - those who taught him dialect those who taught him memory those who taught him to escape the hypnotic.

She is reading Kim!

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