Friday, March 17, 2006

New Majestic Hotel

Just saw the website for New Majestic Hotel.

Nice. Might just get a couple of girl-friends and just hang out there over the weekend.


Unknown said...

Nice huh?

They have promo rates now, i paid 230 bucks. Usual is over 400 bucks. The suite, a loft design, is about 600 bucks.

Go down and ask the friendly staff to show you around some of the rooms coz every room's designed differently. They showed me around 8 or 9 rooms.

darkorpheus said...

might just do it, but not this month. Busy.

Things To Do:
1. Buy thermal underwears
2. Change money for Tibet
3. Meet friends for dinners
4. Spread love like it's STD
5. Turn 30.

Busy, lah. ;p

Unknown said...

Next month lah, me also next month.

STD. Kids are also sexually transmitted.