Saturday, November 25, 2006

Finishing the Year 2006

This afternoon, while writing in my journal, I realise it is 25th November. It's exactly one month from Christmas. I finished Patrick O'Brian's Post-Captain this morning and I decided I was going to try to finish reading The Guermantes Way and whatever half-read books I can, before the end of 2006.

I'm compiling my books to read for next year, and I regret that I have not picked up some of the titles on the 2006 list. There are just so many books, and so little time. I also hope to really go to Istanbul next year.

Perhaps next year I will see further progress in my yoga. I attended MD's yoga class this morning and I was amazed at how good I felt. A lot of twists and stretches, and I felt the work on some hard-to-reach muscles. This is the first time I attended one of MD's class. I will be attending his Power Yoga class tomorrow. I have focused too much on my favourite teachers - and two of them went on leave recently. Their absence motivated me to try new teachers, with different focus and teaching styles. This opportunity gave a refreshing new perspective on my practice.

This morning, I was a little surprised that I can do the side-plank pose. In a few months, one of my least favourite poses came to me without my realising it. I have acquired strength through practice. It feels good.

I know I will continue with my yoga in 2007. Everything else continues from there.


Rebecca H. said...

How nice to now be able to do that pose!

darkorpheus said...

Yes, I'm still a little amazed at doing the side-plank. I HATED it for the longest time (3 years!) Then suddenly, I'm there. I'm straining in the pose, yes, but holding it.

It's unreal, somehow. To see how your body is growing stronger in the subtle ways, but it still feels the same in so many ways.