Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Hamsters in a Car!

From I Can Has Cheezburger

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I love this picture of the Roborovski dwarf hamsters packed in the car. The Roborovskis are the smallest known breed of dwarf hamster around. You can identify them by their white undersides and the white "eyebrows" above their big round eyes. They are shy of human contact and they also move really fast. Once they escape from the cage it's difficult trying to recapture those speedy furries.

I should explain that I used to breed dwarf hamsters -- specifically the Winter Whites and Roborovski varieties. I once had 42 dwarf hamsters under one roof. They called me "Hamster Mother." (My friends called me that, not the hamsters)

But no more. Watching your hamsters die one after another can be heartbreaking. An aging arthritic hamster struggling to crawl to the food bowl is not easy to watch.


Anonymous said...

That IS cute :)

Aww, poor hamsters :( It is hard to watch them die. We used to breed rabbits and we're still unclear what happened but they all got sick one after another and died.I haven't even had one little pet rabbit since then.

darkorpheus said...

Rebecca Oh, poor bunnies. I also have a sob story about my pet bunny, Billy (I had him when I was 5)-- but that's a tale for another day. ;)

But if they start falling sick one after another, I believe it's a sign of viral infection. And sometimes the virus work on them so fast you barely have time to get them to the vet before they are gone.

But dwarf hamsters. Awww. It's fun to watch them playing with each other in a large glass tank, all those little bundle of furry cuteness.

Yogamum said...

My daughter has been begging for a hamster. Do you have any advice on what a good breed for her would be? Or do you think having a hamster is a good idea at all?

Ana S. said...

lol, they are too cute. The life expectancy of a hamnster is just a couple of years, though, right? I imagine that it must be really sad to watch them die.

Funny that you posted that, just yesterday I spend a long time at that website, and this after not having visited it in a while.

And I found this. It made me laugh for a good five minutes :P

Carl V. Anderson said...

Wow, this post runs the gamut! Lure us in with cute fluffy hamster pictures and then hit us with the cold reality of aging and death! I'm going to go cry now!

Andi said...

AWWWWWW, I love the hammies! I had two of them growing up, and I was scarred for life when they died. The die HARD, and it's miserable to watch. I miss 'em, little buggers.

darkorpheus said...

Yogamum You're asking the Hamster Mother is having hamster is a good idea? Hmmm, I think my reply will be bias. :)

Just dropped you an email on having hamsters (keeping them, not breeding them). If you have any questions, just email me. Will try to answer as well as I can.

Nymeth Oh yes, those furry hamsters are CUTE!

My last hamster was arthritic and she lived close to 4 years. She had these very bright, fierce eyes that said she was still very much alive, even if she had trouble walking. At the end of her life she took a long time to die, because she was fighting.

Pets have a lot to teach us. Except after her, I couldn't deal anymore.

Went to the website -- I liked the one with the massaging cats. :)

Carl Oops. Sorry. ;p

Andi Ah, traumatic childhood pet deaths. I empathise. It doesn't get easier when we grow up though.