Sunday, November 16, 2008

QUIZ |Dewey Decimal Section

I am deeply disturbed. No f**king way.

dark orpheus's Dewey Decimal Section:

280 Christian denominations & sects

dark orpheus = 41815868519 = 418+158+685+19 = 1280

200 Religion

The Bible and other religious texts, books about the general philosophy and theory of religion.

What it says about you:
You don't mind thinking about the unknown or other very big ideas. You will never feel like your work is finished. The 200-series is dominated by Christian topics, so you may feel like you're constantly surrounded by Christians.

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Anonymous said...

Hmm. Well the first two sentences describe you. I don't know about the being surrounded by Christians part. maybe that's true too? I don't suppose yoga could fall under philosophy or religion at all could it?

Melwyk said...

Ha! But how do they come up with 280 out of 1280? I would think it would equal 128.0 (or,Philosphy -- Humankind)
You know I'm going to go try this now...

Rebecca H. said...

Ooh, yeah, sorry about that. Really, that meme doesn't mean anything :)

Anonymous said...

"Surrounded by Christians" made me laugh and laugh.

Unknown said...


darkorpheus said...

stefanie - how shall I put it? After 10 years studying i a mission school, I have a lot of friends who are Christians. So, yes, I am surrounded by Christians.

Except right now I'm surrounded by Muslims ;p

melanie - you need to post your result. Share!

dorothy - I am surrounded by Christians! OMG! ;D

ella - somehow I imagine a stake and a bonfire somewhere with all the Christians

ovidia - being surrounded by Christians scares me. really.

Unknown said...

bless you, child...

which would you rather be surrounded by, Christians or the Borg?

Melwyk said...

Ok, here's my result:
617 Surgery & related medical specialties !!!
I prefer my second choice, 013 Unassigned. (which includes encyclopedias, dictionaries, etc.)That seems to apply a little more...

Doc Martian said...

yes. they have vegetarian tamales. :)


Doc Martian said...

watch your ass. the idiot brigade thinks it has a brain.

slap a headscarf on anyone from a middle eastern culture and nobody in the west differentiates... a maxim that sure has been exploited.

Anonymous said...

The test puts me to the 700 category. It's not too bad of an assessment for me :)

Heather said...

This was mine and it is actually fairly accurate:
Heather's Dewey Decimal Section:
944 France & Monaco
Heather = 8510858 = 851+085+8 = 944

900 History & Geography

Travel, biographies, ancient history, and histories of continents.

What it says about you:
You're connected to your past and value the things that have happened to you. You've had some conflicted times in your life, but they've brought you to where you are today and you don't ignore it.