Sunday, December 20, 2015

Carrie Brownstein, in conversation with Dave Eggers

Carrie Brownstein, in conversation with Dave Eggers. Overall, a funny and interesting interview. I particularly like how she described the Sleater-Kinney sound. I find it difficult to put my finger on why I love their music so much, and I often am at a loss when I had to describe their music to friends. It is powerful, fast, passionate, extreme, terrible and beautiful all at once> It is not "settled music", as Brownstein explained:

"First of all, Sleater-Kinney is not a band that people usually play at restaurants. For a reason: It’s not settled music, and it doesn’t make people feel settled. It’s not really background music. I’ve realized. Because of that - It’s true: I don’t recognize it.

"I remember being at a hair salon and hearing this really fast song. And I just thought, Wow, this is a really disruptive thing to play while I’m trying to relax and get my haircut. And then I realize it was ‘Dig Me Out’. But, it has a velocity to it, and it’s scary. And it’s unrecognizable. I only recognize it from the inside, I guess. I recognize those songs through playing them. But when I’m hearing them back, I’m unsure of how fearsome they are. They’re very intense.

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