Saturday, February 23, 2008

May Those Who Lose Their Way

I was browsing the Spring 2008 issue of Tricycle magazine and I came across this short prayer:

May those who lose their way and stray
In misery, find fellow travelers,
And safe from threat from thieves and savage beasts
Be tireless, and their journey light.

~ Shantideva

My whole life I have felt lost, without direction. Things are better now -- not that I have a better idea of where I'm going, just that I have learnt to be a little more at ease with not-knowing. It's about faith, I think, to be able to sit with the unknown. Faith keeps you open to the unfolding experience of life. Most of us however, would prefer to control the circumstances of our lives.

I wrote this description of myself back in 2005:

I wish I know where I am going, while paradoxically recognizing the journey of being lost is the truest adventure. So meanwhile, I'm fucking up trying to find my way and pissed off about it.

This has not yet changed. So while I've updated my avatar a few times, I'm keeping this personal description.

One of the best gifts in my life are my "fellow traveller." My friends -- the handful of them who stayed with me through the difficult times, when it would be easier to walk away. I don't thank them enough. Having them in my life makes me want to be the kind of friend who will be there for others.

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