Thursday, October 19, 2006

LIFE | General Stuff

I have about three stacks of books reserved at my work desk. Every payday I buy some of the books reserved - spending only within the budget I set for myself.

My boss nags me from time to time on how much I spend on books every month. I always remind her that it's the books that keep me working for the bookstore. Take away my staff purchase privileges and I'll quit immediately for a more lucrative job.

For the past 2~3 years I've noticed my priorities shifting. Yoga and books have come to take an even larger role in my life. But I wonder if, instead of expanding my world as I hoped, I am merely diverting my energies from one narrow focus (JOB) to another (YOGA & BOOKS).

I haven't been spending much time meeting new people of late. I've been meeting the same people at work, at yoga class, or just at home reading. In spite of my preference for solitude, I still believe the social aspects of one's life is important to mental well-being. But then again, I have often been reminded that I'm not quite accepted as "sane". In fact, when I feel most myself, colleagues often ask me, "Are you okay?"

Am I going the right way in my life? Or should I make an attempt to expand my life. Perhaps try new things (salsa, perhaps?) Learn a new language (always wanted to learn Italian).

But I am content right now. Maybe a little complacent too. But I'm comfortable.


Rebecca H. said...

It seems to me that if you're feeling comfortable, then enjoy it and just do what you want. If you begin to get bored, then it's time to try something new. But that's me -- I'm often not feeling comfortable with the way my life is going, and so I'd love to be in that state!

darkorpheus said...

I like the quiet state of affairs in my life these days. It's a hard-won peace so I'm grateful for it.

But maybe I'm just a creature that enjoys cruising for bruising (wasn't that a song?) Maybe life should be a little (just a little, not too much) uncomfortable - because that might mean we're at the edge of testing ourselves for something.

We only live so long! What else am I missing out?

Ah, I'm just not cut-out for peace. ;)