Tuesday, October 24, 2006

LIFE | Married Women

I'm reading Taslima Nasrin's blog on the Words Without Borders Forum:
I cannot talk for more than fifteen seconds with most married women. Because right from the start, they make you listen to what their husbands like to eat and like to wear and so on. Apart from this, they have no other stories of their own. Telling all these stories, they try to hold on in society because they think there's no other means by which they can hold on.

I find that I face similar problems with my married female friends. They used to be independent-minded swinging singles back when I first knew them. Then they marry, and then it's the husband - and later the children that occupy their conversation. It is their world, and I am interested - up to a certain extent.

What about you? I want to scream. What happens to these intelligent women when they marry that they have come to subjugate their identities to husbands and children?

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Anonymous said...

That's true, mothers often talk in detail about their uninteresting family life. Try to ask them questions about them, if they fail to consider them "persons", other than mothers and wives. Perhaps in the future you, too, will end up talking about your husband and children...