Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Looming Bookshelves of Death Part 2

This is the bookshelf that sits facing my bed. It's the one with my favourite authors, as well as books on yoga and related subjects. It's also the bookshelf most likely to crush me to death in case of an earthquake.

[Picture 1 Above: A fuller view of the bookshelf. The long, black thing hanging off the top right hand corner is a yoga bag.]

[Picture 2 Above: Lower rows. Bottom row are the yoga, meditation and spirituality titles. Top row are the Jeanette Winterson titles, Dostoevsky in paperbacks and the Everyman hardcovers. And of course, Sherlock Holmes]

[Picture 3 Above: On the top row are mainly my graphic novels; The Sandman, Hellboy, Strangers in Paradise. Bottom row - standing upright are the collected works of Samuel Beckett, next to the Everyman editions of R. K. Narayan on the right]

That's it for bookshelves. I'll try to find something else to shoot with my camera phone.

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