Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Sidney Sheldon Is Dead

Swinging by Imani's blog earlier today, I came across the news that Sidney Sheldon passed away. It was the kind of news you just had to share with your colleagues. It was hilarious the kind of response that you get from news like this. All the confessions of trashy readings of your younger days coming to light. And people started to share the plotlines of their favourite Sidney Sheldon novels.

And of course, some of us actually thought he was dead a long time ago.

One of us only found out last year that Sidney was a he.

Trashy, sensational - but utterly enjoyable. Sidney Sheldon knew his readership and he gave them what they wanted. So he wrote to entertain and hs books are hardly high art. But he gave pleasure, did he not?

Goodbye Sidney. You lived till a good age of 89 and you were VERY rich. I have only read one of your books. It was If Tomorrow Comes, and it was an enjoyable spin on a resourceful woman's tale of revenge and finding redemption through love. You knew how to write those twists in the plot.

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Imani said...

I didn't mention that in my post but...yeah I thought he was dead and had no idea he'd had such a lucrative career in big, small screen and broadway. Wow.

Let's hope he had enough moolah to pass off to his children they won't employ ghost writers to pen If Tomorrow Never Comes: The Comeback.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, those ghostwritten sequels - remember "Scarlet"?

I suddenly recall the TV adaptation of "If Tomorrow Comes." Tom Berenger stars. My life is filled with a lot of trash, apparently.

Now suddenly I have another thought: does Sidney have children? Grandchildren?

Anonymous said...

I knew Sidney was a "HE". Anyway i only picked up his book once over a decade ago and i can't recall the title now. I fell asleep reading it.