Thursday, March 22, 2007

Yay Me!

I love my family doctor. I was concerned about the pain at the side of my right ribcage for a while now. My company doctor just prescribe painkillers and muscle relaxant. But it has been 2 weeks and it has not subsided.

This evening I went to my family doctor - the man who took care of my whole family since I was a toddler - and he prodded the painful area, and told me as it's near my kidney he wanted to do a urine test.

As my mother had recently been informed she has too much glucose in her urine and yet more tests need to be done - I was very apprehensive about the urine test. But the results just came back and it's good. So it's probably just a pulled muscle or something. Nothing to be worried about.

So now I can go to Turkey with peace of mind, although the doctor did say no heavy lifting. I'll have to lighten my backpack a little.

I love my family doctor. May he live long and be healthy.


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Yes, so say we all! I'm not prepared to be sick. Really not prepared at all.