Sunday, February 10, 2008

It's Sunday, which means tomorrow's Monday

I missed the new Kundalini class by about 10 minutes this morning, so I went for Power Yoga instead. It's a shame. I was curious about what Kundalini is all about. I googled it of course, but the description on Kundalini yoga is a little abstract. I get the idea there's some chanting and meditation involved, and the classes are longer - 90 minutes at the studio where I practice - but otherwise, I have no idea what it is about.

I'll see if I can make it next week.

It's Monday tomorrow. That means it's the first day back to work after a four day break. But on the upside, Monday is when M., my yoga teacher comes back from her yoga training course in India. I so look forward to practice with her again.

This also means after the barrage of blog posts the past few days, we're back to a blog whisper. (Not blog silence, but more a dainty, lady-like whisper. And we cover our teeth when we giggle.)

Have fun, y'all.


Rebecca H. said...

I've always been slightly depressed by Sundays, precisely because Monday is the next day -- these days I spend most of Sunday getting caught up on schoolwork. Ugh.

darkorpheus said...

You get that Sunday Blues too? I spent Sunday doing housework. How romantic. :\