Sunday, February 03, 2008

WoYoPracMo | February Intentions

Time passes. January has moved on, and I am glad to have kept to the 31 days practice for WoYoPracMo. Much gratitude and love to Yogamum for being the activator of this online yoga sangha. Not many of my friends understand my yoga practice. Many see it as just a fitness regime, like kick-boxing, aerobics or gym. It is difficult to explain that this practice, has a deeper meaning for me -- as one of the WoYoPracMo member wrote, that it is "more than choreography".

Which is why it is great to read the experience of all these different people from all over. How we struggle with injuries, insecurities, unfamiliarity -- how we learn to expand on our practice, taking it outside the mat.

So much of it sounds familiar, and it is comforting to read about how someone out there - in Japan perhaps -- shares some of your own personal struggles.

Now that we have come to February, Yogamum proposes making “Deepening YOUR Practice” the theme for the month. Sounds good.

For February, I need to look into my foundations. This means going back to my neglected Shadow Yoga practice, more diligent home practice, and more corework.

On the upside, M., one of my favourite yoga teacher, is coming back from India soon. Yay!


LK said...

Namaste, Orpheus! You're doing so well with your yoga, it's great to hear.

darkorpheus said...

Thank you. I'm pretty happy to have done so well too. It's true what they say - just practice. Everything will fall into place.