Saturday, March 01, 2008

HERODOTUS | The River Nile and Snooze

Almasy's copy of Herodotus from the film 'The English Patient'

I would like to regal you with fascinating stories and insights from my recent reading of The Histories. But alas, Herodotus is talking about the Egyptians, and somewhat obsessed about how the Nile floods and other geographical bits. Pretty snooze-filled reading at the moment.

Can someone please start killing somebody NOW??!


Ana S. said...

I plan on eventually reading The Histories, but I wonder how tempted I will be to skip some bits. And then I'll feel guilty and keep on reading them and wish for some bloodshed, same as you :P

darkorpheus said...

Nymeth Honestly, there are some sloooow bits I would skip over. I was reading it on the bus and when it gets boring, I put it down and nap a little.

But the bloodshed are so fun, aren't they? A book feels like it has forward motion when there's killing involved.

This, from someone who practices yoga. ;p

Anonymous said...

i still can't get over how gorgeous that photo is. i hope you've printed it up and put it up somewhere...

darkorpheus said...

JP Actually, that's a great idea. But I need a good colour printer.

Meanwhile I'll make it the picture motif for my Herodotus posts. I like the idea of an old leather journal stuffed full of notes, letters and inserts.