Monday, March 24, 2008

Long Easter Weekend

I had a long weekend, with the Good Friday public holiday, and taking Monday off for my birthday. Thank you all for the birthday well-wishes.


Well, I managed to get a lot of reading done over the long weekend. I went on a fantasy binge and finished all 5 books of The Chronicles of Prydain. In fact, last night I was so caught with The High King, I stayed up till 5 am just to finish the book. More on it later -- but I suspect I'll just do a round-up of the final 3 books in one post. If I get around to writing it. It's so much easier to just spend the time reading other books, yes?

Technically, this means I have completed Quest the First for the Once Upon a Time II Challenge. Does it mean I will stop reading? Nope. I had some trouble deciding what to read next for the challenge earlier this afternoon. But I've since picked up The Riddle-Master's Game. This is an omnibus of 3 books, so it will take me a little longer.

Most of all, right before yoga class tonight, I finished reading George Simenon's The Strangers in the House. I liked it, although I wonder how many people who have read the book found it humorous. I still have 3 other Simenon titles check out from the library, so more on him later.

Also reading: Elizabeth Hardwick's Seduction and Betrayal (currently on the Ibsen essay) and Patrick O'Brian's Fortune of War. (I read Desolation Island last year. Trying to recall what happened in the last book.)


Power Yoga tonight was crazy. Teacher M. was in a good mood -- by good, I mean intense and Type-A.

Teacher M: "Shift your weight to your back leg. That's how you find the strength to stay in the pose for two more minutes."
[Scattered chuckles from the class]
Teacher M: "You think I'm joking?"
[Uneasy silence from the class]
Me: (Internally screaming) "But it's my birthday!"

Lots of Utkatasana (chair pose), Warrior I & Warrior II -- all held for loooooong stretches. My legs are quaking from holding the poses so long.

Even the music was funky. I dislike holding Warrior I for 5 minutes to Beyoncé. *GROWL*

Back to work tomorrow. Oh well.


chrisa511 said... computer crashes and you have a birthday AND finish quest the first! Happy Birthday to you D-O, even though I'm late! I hope that it was a good one. And congrats on finishing 4 books already!! Sheesh...Talk about set the bar high for the rest of us... :p

darkorpheus said...

Chris Thank you for the birthday wishes. But man, this is the first time EVER I actually finished a challenge early. I guess I should move on to try Quest the Second?

Ana S. said...

Do post about the rest of the Prydain books! I really want to know what you thought. Staying up until 5am reading can only be a good sign :P

Congrats on finishing Quest the First!

chrisa511 said...

Sure! Why not try for quest the second? You have PLENTY of time :p

Iliana said...

Happy Birthday!! Did you get any bookish gifts?
And, I'm in awe of you already finishing the Quest I - way to go!

darkorpheus said...

Nymeth Oh yes, staying up past 5 am is good -- but very tiring. Will try to write something.

Chris Heh heh. I have just plunged into Quest the Second. Turns out my original reading list qualifies for the 4 genres.

Iliana Thank you.

My friends know not to buy me books -- because I probably already have them. ;p

I got vouchers instead. Which I used to buy Nike products. Hee hee.